Dream League Soccer

Dream league Soccer is the Football game, which is being played by the different teams having real names and the virtual displayed creatures is similar to the one in real. Generally the player have to create a Soccer team, as player will start the game as a manager, which contains number of random players in a created team, As player can easily change the name of team, logo of the team and different gadgets like kit and boots can also be changed. As in general games there are levels but in soccer there are different divisions which are being leveled as Academy division, Division 3, Division 2, Division 1, Junior Elite Division and Elite Division , player have to start the game in the Academy division and the goal of a player is to complete each level as there will be a season of series in which a team have to play leveled divisions and reach from Academy division to Elite division and by winning the Elite division, player will face All stars XI , to play the International Cup and if you win then player will leads to All Star Cup and play international series as well. As after each win there is a level till All stars Cup and Ultimate challenge will be faced if you win against the legendary first touch united, as it is the end of the game , which afterwards let a player to follow this cycle again to play.



Dream league soccer allows a player to have real team player like in FIFpro as there feature also exist in them .